Travel Planning iOS App

eGO Utah is travel app designed for travelers planning visit to Utah. It contains dozens of famous places, hiking trails or scenic photography vista points, with short description, sample photographs and useful links. In real-time app shows distance and direction to locations. It also allows to add user defined locations, hotels etc..


  • Places:
    • Attractions
    • Vista points
    • Museums
    • Transportation hubs
    • User defined
  • Location information:
    • name
    • GPS coordinates
    • trailhead GPS coordinates
    • description
    • sample photos
  • Dynamic information:
    • direction
    • distance

Technical details:

  • iOS 7.+ support only
  • Region notification support
  • Approximate size 10.0MB
  • Localized: English...
  • certain icons licenzed from

Fun facts:

  • Salt Lake City is a host city for 2002 Winter Olympic Games
  • There are several world class ski resort in an hour drive from downtown Salt Lake City
  • Utah is a home for 5 US National Park
  • Great Salt Lake has 9 times more salt per water volume than ocean